EFLM1200 - Motore EFLITE Park 370 Brushless Outrunner Vedi a schermo intero

EFLM1200 - Motore EFLITE Park 370 Brushless Outrunner

EFLM1200 - Motore EFLITE Park 370 Brushless Outrunner


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Product Description

Key Features

  • Great upgrade for Speed 280 and Speed 370 applications
  • Excellent motor for small 3D airplanes weighing 7–14 oz (200–400 g)
  • Slotted 12-pole outrunner design
  • Extremely lightweight—just 1.6 ounces
  • High-torque, direct-drive motor—no gearbox necessary
  • Motor mount, prop adapter and all hardware included
  • External rotor design with front shaft for easy mounting
  • Includes gold bullet connectors
  • Ideal for models requiring up to 110 watts of power

Needed To Complete

10–20A brushless ESC

9x4.7 to 10x4.7 prop

7.4V or 11.1V 480–1320mAh Li-Po


E-flite’s Outrunner series of high-quality brushless motors provides great efficiency and light weight—just 1.6 ounces. They’re ideal for small electric airplanes. such as the E-flite Tensor 4D.


Bearings or Bushings:One 3.175 x 7.94 x 3.6mm Bearing and One 3.175 x 9.525 x 3.97mm Bearing
Cells:6–10 Ni-Cd/Ni-MH or 2–3 Li-Po
Continuous Current:0 - 10A
Diameter:28 mm (1.1 in)
Idle Current (Io):.70A @ 10V
Length:25 mm (1 in)
Maximum Burst Current:11A (15 sec)
Motor Design:Outrunner
Overall Diameter:28mm (1.10 in)
Overall Length:25mm (1.00 in)
Power Plant Size:300-400 Electric
RPM/Volt (Kv):1080Kv
Recommended Prop Range:9x4.7 to 10x4.7
Resistance (Ri):.19 ohms
Shaft Diameter:3.17mm (1/8 in)
Size:Replacement for 280/370
Speed Control:10–20 amp brushless
Weight:45 g (1.6 oz)